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   Povratak na TeleEye - VR

Teleeye III+ VR ( Video Recording Transmitter )
Video Nadzor - Tehnicke specifikacije - brosure Download, Download1-VRB
Model VR-4021 VR-4042 VR-8042 VR-8084 VR-16084 VR-16168
Software WRS3-AD, WRS3-M
Standard (P): PAL/CCIR, 625 lines, 50 fields per second
(N): NTSC/EIA, 525 lines, 60 fields per second
1.0Vp-p composite, colour / B/W
Input 4x, colour, BNC 8x, colour, BNC 16x, colour, BNC
Resolution 640x480, 320x240, 160x120 pixels (in quality mode)
512x384, 256x192, 128x96 (in speed mode)
Transmission rate up to 25/30 fps on LAN;
up to 20fps on PSTN
LAN fast ethernet, 10/100 base-T, auto-sensing, RJ-45 connector
Concurrent connection 6 10 18
Modem RS-232C , DB-9 male connector, asynchronous;
8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, AT-command, 9.6k-115.2kbps
Aux RS-232C , DB-9 female connector, asynchronous;
8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, 2.4k-19.2kbps
Mode real-time, time-lapse, programmable, event-driven
HD size 20Gb 40Gb 40Gb 80Gb 80Gb 160Gb
Max. recording rate* 12.5/15fps 25/30fps 25/30fps 50/60fps 50/60fps 100/120fps
Pre-alarm recording Yes
Input 4x, NC/NO 8x, NC/NO 16x, NC/NO
Remote control
Relay switch 4x, max. 24V, 1A
Voltage 12V dc
Rating (max) 35W 48W 60W
Environment condition
Operating temp. 5C - 50C
Humidity <85% (no condensation)
Mechanical design
(in mm)
357mm x 325mm x 80mm
Net weight(kg) 3.8kg 4.2kg 5.0kg
* : Maximum recording rate is the maximum number of recorded frames shared among all the cameras.
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